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The roadmap

We advocate a tried and tested Organisation Development (OD) methodology that guides the organisations we work with towards a desired future state where personal ownership for safety becomes a newly entrenched mindset. And with it, new behaviours that unlock value in the delivery of safe, quality production. A change in mindset requires a change in the way organisations do the things they do, and embarking on a culture transformation journey to support such change takes time. From experience, we know that following a structured approach to managing planned change delivers the best results. That is why our approach to effective change management is supported by PDS journey milestones.

Each milestone provides an indication of the rate at which an organisation is progressing towards adopting new, safer ways of working on the roadmap towards fully-fledged safety ownership. Ultimately, the key to success is getting the ground work right, which will lay a strong foundation for an efficient implementation phase where disruption to productivity is minimal, and long-term sustainable behaviour change a rewarding future reality. The story of the PDS journey, along with key activities and deliverables for each of its five phases is shared in this brochure. We hope it provides you with a good idea of what is involved in shifting your workforce’s safety mindset, if such an initiative is on your organisation’s agenda.