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At Antamina (a coal/copper mine in Peru), the initial safety mindset index was 52% and the recordable accident rate was 15, 47 per million man-hours. The outcome of the measurement led to safety training (Safe Behaviour Coaching), safety activity monitoring and corrective action planning and implementation.

After a period of three years, the safety mindset index increased to 74% and the recordable accident rate improved to 4, 59 per million man-hours.

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At an Anglo Gold Ashanti mine in North West Africa, the initial safety mindset index was 44% at one site and 40% at another. Employees perceived safety as a specialised function far removed from them, which raised concern for management.

After corrective action planning, Safe Behaviour Coaching and safety awareness programmes in the community, the Safety Mindset index increased to 67% and 65% respectively.